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Sunday, June 28, 2009 by Euri 0 comment
After all the years, I'm finally graduating from LJ. Though I have a lot of things to rant about LJ, the main reason for leaving is that most of my friends already either left LJ, doesn't post much and/or at all anymore, moved somewhere else, or completely left and stopped blogging and moved on with their lives. LJ is not entirely all that bad. LJ was the memory of my teenage days — full of laughs, love and angst. I met a lot of people in different walks of life in LJ. My first few online friends I met through LJ. I started LJ as a dark, disturbed kid without anything better to do than to blog about whatever that's going on with my life and about my angst to the world. I was a wild raging little monster that bites everyone in my way. Through the years I've learned to calm down, I've learned to be patient, I've learn to listen and I've learn to understand other people. Hopefully now, I'm leaving with a smile and a bit sense of maturity that I picked up


Friday, March 06, 2009 by Euri 0 comment
The news confirmed me that Francis Magalona , who was diagnosed recently with Lukemia, finally died today. Francis M. is like the ONLY rapper that I really liked, to be frank. I actually do not like rap, in general. But he's like one of those people you would really want to look up to. R.I.P. Francis M. And here's a song you sang, years ago. We will always remember it. -- Kaleidoscope by Francis Magalona So many faces, so many races Different voices, different choices Some are mad, while others laugh Some live alone with no better half Others grieve while others curse And others mourn behind a big black hearse Some are pure and some half-bred Some are sober and some are wasted Some are rich because of fate and Some are poor with no food on their plate Some stand out while others blend Some are fat and stout while some are thin Some are friends and some are foes Some have some while some have most Every color and every hue Is represented by me and yo

One More Gift

Friday, March 06, 2009 by Euri 0 comment
LSS *facepalm* It's my boss's fault! D= -- One More Gift by Ariel Rivera and Bukas Palad Refrain: If there's one more gift I'd ask of you, Lord, It would be peace here on Earth As gentle as your children's laughter All around, all around. Your people have grown weary Of living in confusion When will we realize That neither heaven is at peace When we will live not in peace * Repeat Refrain Grant me serenity within For the confusions around Are mere reflections Of what's within What's within in me. * Repeat Refrain

Think First Before You Speak

Sunday, February 01, 2009 by Euri 0 comment
Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Be careful of the things that come of your mouth. You really have no breeding at all, seriously. Make use of your brain first before opening your mouth. Think first before you speak. Yes, I'm actually offended. I do admit that I always get heavily depressed whenever I get scolded (so guilt trips actually works well with me). It's really immature, I know. But because I am like this, I do try my best to do things right. I haven't even done anything wrong, quite frankly. It's just you and your inability to wait for a while. I've never done anything in my entire life that deserves me to be insulted like that. I know you didn't mean it like that, and I understand that you were just mad or whatever. But words are words and you have to take responsibility for anything that comes out of your mouth. And yes, I'm scolding you. You're old enough and about twice my age, too. But it seems as if I'm more mature than you most of the tim

花香 (許紹洋)

Saturday, January 31, 2009 by Euri 0 comment
花香 by 許紹洋 風 沒有方向的吹來 雨 也跟著悲傷起來 沒有人能告訴我 愛是在什麼時候 悄悄走開 風 伴著花謝了又開 雨 把眼淚落向大海 現在的我才明白 妳抱著紫色的夢 選擇等待 記憶是陣陣花香 我們說好誰都不能忘 守著黑夜的陽光 難過卻假裝堅強 等待的日子裡 妳比我勇敢 記憶是陣陣花香 一起走過永遠不能忘 妳的溫柔是陽光 把我的未來填滿 提醒我花香常在 就像我的愛 記憶是陣陣花香 一起走過永遠不能忘 妳的溫柔是陽光 把我的未來填滿 -- English Translation -- Flower Fragrance (Hua Xiang) by Ambrose Hsu (Xu Shao Yang) The wind, blowing over here without direction The rain, also arising with these sorrows Nobody can tell me, when is it that love Noiselessly walked away? The wind, accompanying the withering and blooming of flowers The rain, carrying falling tears towards the sea It is only now that I understand, you're clutching a purple dream And choosing to wait Memory is the scent of flowers, we agreed that we'd never forget Sunlight defends against the darkness, feigning courage even in sadness In those days of waiting, you were more courageous than I Memory is the scent of flowers, never forget we walked together Your tenderness is the sunligh


Friday, January 23, 2009 by Euri 0 comment
Sometimes, it amazes me of how weak a person could become. But, you know, what amazes me even more is how a person could still smile, laugh his worries out, and optimistically look forward to what he would be able to find tomorrow.

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