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Sunday, June 28, 2009

After all the years, I'm finally graduating from LJ. Though I have a lot of things to rant about LJ, the main reason for leaving is that most of my friends already either left LJ, doesn't post much and/or at all anymore, moved somewhere else, or completely left and stopped blogging and moved on with their lives.

LJ is not entirely all that bad. LJ was the memory of my teenage days — full of laughs, love and angst. I met a lot of people in different walks of life in LJ. My first few online friends I met through LJ. I started LJ as a dark, disturbed kid without anything better to do than to blog about whatever that's going on with my life and about my angst to the world. I was a wild raging little monster that bites everyone in my way. Through the years I've learned to calm down, I've learned to be patient, I've learn to listen and I've learn to understand other people. Hopefully now, I'm leaving with a smile and a bit sense of maturity that I picked up through the years.

Goodbye LJ, it was a fun ride.


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