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Euri (yu-ri) is a unique specie of the genus Homo classified to be one belonging to the class of Homo Sapiens. It is nomadic and can be randomly found in different remote places of the Philippines. It is mostly seen as a small, pale creature with sometimes colored, sometimes highlighted hair, and roams around in dark clothing that falls generally under and in between Gothic and punk fashion styles. This creature has a weak constitution and opts not to exert too much physical effort as possible. It is also nocturnal in nature and is generally weak against too much sun, heat or light. It also suffers from random streaks of insomnia and atopic dermatitis or skin asthma, especially during times when seasons change. One very notable habit of this creature is that it seems to be fond of beautiful feminine men or what other otaku call bishounen, with strong preference for cross-dressers, and has great tendencies of stalking them. It is also known for its necrotic obsessions and is a collector and seller of figurines such as tombstones, caskets, skulls, skeletons and other things of the same theme. This creature also tends to be delusional and believes and claims itself to be a vampire of 400-something years old, who lives in a High Victorian Gothic-styled, mansion in the middle of a deep forest, and could turn people into puppets.

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