LINE Stickers: Noblesse

Monday, July 07, 2014

For those who doesn't know, Noblesse is a popular Korean manhwa. I actually am not that familiar with it, but I've heard of it. I don't read it though. I'm not really much fond of Korean manhwa so I rarely read them. I only read those with really good reviews, to be honest. Most of the Korean manhwa that I've read have really beautiful art, however, the story are mostly crappy. Or at least, as far as those I've read so far.

Anyway, here are the Noblesse LINE stickers.

  These stickers cannot be used in the LINE App itself. They're just merely PNG images. You can use them on your websites/blogs if you want.

You don't have to credit me when you use them, but if you want to, please link it back to me at: http://www.beyondeternal.comHere are my buttons, if you need them.

More Noblesse stickers after the cut!


  1. Noblesse is the best manhwa I've read too bad it's not available in the app.


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