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Sunday, May 19, 2013

I got a Leibster Blog Award nomination. The Leibster Blog Award is a blog award that bloggers give to other bloggers they really like. It's kind of a blogger chain letter thing. I don't usually do these things because they require me to actually think, but since I'm bored, I'll do it. XD

(Image stolen from here.)

One. Thank the person who nominated you and insert their site link.

Thank you Daps of The Daphs Chronicles for tagging me!

Two. Post 11 facts about yourself.

The first 11 random things that came into my mind!

  1. I love Gackt above all else.

  2. I love tea. No milk, no sugar.

  3. I hate hot weather.

  4. I collect stuff with skulls on them.

  5. I'm a sucker for stories/novels with tragic endings.

  6. I only play RPGs. I'm not a fan of fighting games.

  7. I always get bored with MMORPGs after a few weeks.

  8. I love seafood and pizza.

  9. I take interest in anything medieval almost immediately.

  10. I'm a frustrated motor biker.

  11. My childhood dream was to become a mad scientist.

Three: Answer the 11 Questions your nominee asked you.

Here goes my answers for the questions I'm suppose to answer!

  1. Name 3 non-blog sites you regularly visit:
    Aside from SNS sites, let's see...

    1. Wikipedia. I'm boring that way.

    2. I love Japanese fashion!

    3. Batoto. I read manga a lot.

  2. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?
    My spoon and fork has to be a pair or I'll either just use the spoon or the fork.

  3. What is your mantra in life?
    Live simply, want less.

  4. What makes you laugh?
    Stupid jokes, I guess?

  5. Is there anything that you would like to change on your government right now?
    A lot actually.

  6. If money is not a factor, what would you like to buy/acquire today?
    A house.

  7. Why do bad things happen to good people?
    It's just all in your mind. There's no good and bad people when shit just happens. It just happens.

  8. How will you describe a rainbow to a blind person?
    When you see it, you feel this strange happiness. It's something like it gives you hope no matter how grim your situation is.

  9. Are Virtual Friendships/Relationships for real?
    Depends on the people involve. I've got a lot of real life friends that I first met online. Sometimes, people are more honest online than they are in real life. But you can't really rule out that there are also people who aren't.

  10. How important is technology?
    People need technology to make things easier for them. But it doesn't mean they can't do anything without them.

  11. Lights on or lights off?
    Lights off.

Four: Tag 11 blogs, that you feel deserve to be nominated. These can be new blogs, less than 200 followers, which will be deserving of your attribution. I am recommending the following blogs because of their exemplary content writings, and for sure you will find good reads:

In random order, here goes!

  1. Neo Destati

  2. AisuCafé.Org

  3. Lolikko


  5. i am fleur

  6. Jehsil

  7. Technowish

  8. Onwards! To The Stars!!!

  9. Sleep Talking

  10. Xian Desu~!


Five: Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

  1. What is your favorite food? (Yes! I have to ask!)

  2. Do you do any type of sports?

  3. What sort of music do you listen to?

  4. Do you have a particular hobby that you're really into right now? What is it?

  5. Coffee or tea?

  6. Which country would you like to go right now, if given the chance?

  7. Is your glass half empty or half full?

  8. If you're given 3 wishes, except for wishing for more wishes, what would they be?

  9. If you're given the chance to rewrite your life, would you want to change anything from your past?

  10. If you only have 1 month left to live, what would you do?

  11. And lastly, how are you feeling today? Are you okay?

Well, that's it! I hope some of you would do this. I wont mind if you don't, though.


  1. Baww. This is cute. And thank you for the nomination! I hadn't updated my blog in a while, so maybe I'll do this to ease myself back! XD


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