Wednesday, December 10, 2008

ORLY? I'm so depressed that SOMEBODY actually HATES me. I'm so traumatized that I wanna cry at some nook now and go all emo on you. I shall slash my wrist later because I can't bare the pain of being hated.

Pfft!! Bwahahahaha!

ROFLMAO! I had a good laugh. This is why I LOVE spoiled teenagers without lives of their own. They make my every day brighter with their nonsensical lives! X3


  1. You can't blame other people for that.

  2. This is why the world will never be a better place for all of you for everyone hate one another even with the most shallow reason. But what can we do? That's how human life goes, I guess.

    Just don't mind those kinds of people who oppose you for hey are not worthy of your time. And if you give me a signal, I'll physically dissect that mere mortal. All in the name of love for you. :)

  3. Ade,
    I know. And it's not the first, nor it's the only one too. :P

    My sentiments exactly.

    I'm not blaming other people.

    Dan Hellbound,
    LOL! I don't really mind. I just found it funny so I posted it. :)

  4. That's...really horrible.

    I don't hate you because you're atheist. I don't hate you for any reason. In fact, I love you lots! ♥

  5. to "Kushala daora7" god is dog is god . endof story

  6. Dude, what a douchebag. "Hi, I would just like to let you know that you're fucking illiterate." Couldn't even spell "atheist" right.

  7. well biches y'all can hate all y'all want shes going to hell face it damn GOD is real and i believe in him im not spoiled im a black dude on gaia dont judge me before you know me

  8. kushala daora7,
    Hmm? You're asking people not to judge you before knowing you but you yourself judge people before knowing them. Don't you think that's being unfair? To be honest, do you think I deserve your hate just because we do not share the same beliefs? If you think that I do, then you need to grow up a little.

    I don't really care where you came from, what your race is, etc. I don't really get the fact that you need to mention that you are "black dude on gaia". So what if you are? Being a "black dude" doesn't give you the immunity or privilege for whatever. You, being a Christian, doesn't give you the right to do whatever you want. You are a living example of why most non-Christians hates Christians (doesn't that make the feeling mutual? Heh.)

    You know, dear, you really need to open your mind. You cannot force people to be like you, believes in the same things as you do. Because people are brought up differently, in different places, traditions, customs and environment.

    I don't want to start a debate with you, because I know it's going nowhere. It's the same as beating a dead horse. Literally.

    If you can't accept the fact that I'm an Atheist,THEN GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF HERE. Thank you.


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