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First things first, I was hacked again. And damn, this was the second time this week too. It's really a pain considering I'm job hunting lately leaving me no time to work on Beyond Eternal anymore. Speaking of which, I went to Sutherland Globals Services this morning to apply for TSR (Technical Support Representative) on which in the slightest of my comprehension leads to the idea of being a call center agent. I started at 10 in the morning and guess what, I just got myself done past 6 in the evening. The waiting time is frankly longer than that of the interviewing and exam time. I passed the grammar exams, but I seriously think I have to work on my communication skills. What can I do? I'm a natural born introvert. Anyway, there was this guy/gay (Honestly, I don't know which one is he but I really wanted him to be a gay though.) who is some sort of a speech trainer for the to be call center agents. He decides whether you pass or fail in the interview. When he started

Last Act of Bravery

Thursday, August 24, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
No matter how I shout, it seems that my voice still can't reach you. No matter how I drag myself and try, it seems that I still can't meet your expectations. You were always looking for that child that suits your expectations. And I completely failed you at every possible way. I'm tired. Too tired. Tired of trying to please you every single day. I felt that I need to wake up from this dream somehow. And I decided it to be now. After all, I would need to wake up from it one way or another. If I wont, I will completely lose this little thing I have left within me that's called self-love. If I lost it, I couldn't get myself back to pieces anymore when I break. This is my one last act of bravery to protect myself. I can't bare it anymore. Please expect a living doll when I wake.

BE Hacked

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
Beyond Eternal is currently down. It has this some sort of Internal Server Error on which cause I knew not of. Fixing that takes time. Roughly, about a day or two. I should be done yesterday. My shitty brother, just because some babe friend who came along, shut what I was doing leaving me to start over again from that beginning. Damn him. [edited] I found the reason why. I was hacked by some guy going by some lame name called TimiHack.

It's Okay to Cry

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Just a draft of one another fiction. Based on a mixed of reality and not. I'll finalize it later this evening. My head hurts. T_T -- She was walking the streets on her way home, one day. "Yo. musta?", someone snuck through her back, grining widely. Expressionless, thinking who could the idiot be, and she was surprized. "You're alive?" "Of course, what do you expect?", he winked. "Still a big flirt, I see." She remembers how he was always surrounded by girls back in their school days. "Yeah, still pretty much the same old me. And what about you? What happened to you?" "What, what happened to me?" Stares at her from head to foot, stopped, and goes around looking at her. "Stop staring at me like that, idiot.", she puched him in the arms. "Gosh, your attitude never fades. You're still flat chested as it was. But what the heck's wrong with your taste, nowadays? You've becom


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I stumbled upon a blog . I read the latest entry. And I felt numb for a moment. The words repeated to my mind like echo, urging me to read the rest of it. Amusingly, before I could even tell myself that, I'm already reading. I don't wanna try to fight this love... I know I didn't have any right to judge this certain being who is only deprived of happiness. But honestly, in my opinion, the moment you accepted the fact that you are loving, you couldn't deny the fact that you have to sacrifice one way or another and feel pain. You can never divide happiniess and pain with the exactly same amount. Same as like love is never really equal where the other loves another more that the other. I felt even more intrigue and read the rest of the entires. Honestly, he sounds surreal. I only knew a few people who thinks like that. And most of them, they end up being left behind by the one's they love. I hated them. I hated people like that. As much as I hated my self being like th

Panahon ng Thesis

Friday, August 11, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
Note: I have no intentions of whatsoever na isiwalat kung sinu-sino man ang mga taong tinutukoy ko sa entry na to. I also posted it here on LJ plus friends only, because Dean is reading my blog (she even comments) and I don't want her constantly asking me who these students are. Because of my being defensive, yes, they are students from my school. Panahon na naman ng Thesis. Mabibigla ka na may nagtetext at tumatawag sa cellphone ko, tinatanong ang address ng bahay namin, para lang "magpatulong" sa mga thesis nila. Sa totoo lang, wala akong balak "tumulong" o sa ibang linguaheng alam ko, wala akong balak gawin ang thesis mo. At wala akong paki kahit bumagsak ka pa. Hindi na rin ako maawa sa magulang mo kahit magmakaawa pa sila at lumuhod sa harap ko. Wala rin akong paki kung sino ka man, kahit anak ka pa ni Mayor, pamangkin ni Gov, apo ni Senator. Una sa lahat, resulta yan ng pagiging iresponsable mo na hindi pumasok at magbulakbol pa. Wala kang natututunan sa


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It was raining. I peeked up to the dark sky though the window blinds. I closed my eyes, and finally raised it up and relaxed myself. With empty thoughts, staring to nothingness, I was suddenly stunned. I saw a girl on the window. The girl that the dripping raindrops from my window made. I stared at her. Suddenly, I started to feel pity for her. So helpless, so weak, so broken. I stared through her eyes that seemed so empty. Those eyes that asked me, where is the real me?

Blogger Code

Friday, August 04, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
I came upon this  Blogger Code  generator earlier and I thought it was interesting and would like to share it to you guys. My Blogger's Code is: B8 d++ t+ k s+ u- f i o++ x-- e l c-- You can use this  Blogger Decoder  to see what it says. :D


Thursday, August 03, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
This is stupid. Kung wala ka rin lang tiwala sakin at sa ginagawa ko, why the heck did you hire me in the first place? Puro na lang si [insert name here]. When I resigned, you ask him to finished my work. I already told you 3 weeks before, tapos na yun all I am waiting for are the requirements you fail to give me, now you blame me? Bullshit. I did everything I could. All that I am capable of without complaints. I get insults from you everyday, you never belived a word I say. You never even hear what I have to say. You are happy when you see me accomplish the preposterous work you wanted me to. I meet your every impossible demands and deadlines without complains. I work even when I get home. Now you are trating me like I am incompentent. Geez. Get a grip. I'm tired of all this bullshit.

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