BE Hacked

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beyond Eternal is currently down. It has this some sort of Internal Server Error on which cause I knew not of. Fixing that takes time. Roughly, about a day or two. I should be done yesterday. My shitty brother, just because some babe friend who came along, shut what I was doing leaving me to start over again from that beginning. Damn him.


I found the reason why. I was hacked by some guy going by some lame name called TimiHack.


  1. man. hacked domain? that really sucks. anyway, the guy in my avatar is Saga, the bassist of Alice Nine. you should really give that band a listen. they're really very good

  2. My site was hacked last year -- it really sucked, because I had to back everything up to my hard drive then upload it all again!

  3. wow ung domain mo pa tlga napili... :(

    Mitch pala to... I have a new sanctuary. ;)


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