Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I stumbled upon a blog. I read the latest entry. And I felt numb for a moment. The words repeated to my mind like echo, urging me to read the rest of it. Amusingly, before I could even tell myself that, I'm already reading.

I don't wanna try to fight this love...

I know I didn't have any right to judge this certain being who is only deprived of happiness. But honestly, in my opinion, the moment you accepted the fact that you are loving, you couldn't deny the fact that you have to sacrifice one way or another and feel pain. You can never divide happiniess and pain with the exactly same amount. Same as like love is never really equal where the other loves another more that the other.

I felt even more intrigue and read the rest of the entires. Honestly, he sounds surreal. I only knew a few people who thinks like that. And most of them, they end up being left behind by the one's they love. I hated them. I hated people like that. As much as I hated my self being like that.

I know, I talked as if know... I know, because I myself am surreal.


  1. Love...I'm scared of that. Not exactly love but I'm scared of commitment. I haven't been into one(the romantic one) but stories of heartaches and betreyal scares me to bones. :(

  2. (offtopic) yes i know. my avatar is just so damned sexy, isn't it? his name's saga, the bassist of the jrock band alicenine. they're good. have you listened to them yet? =)


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