Saturday, August 26, 2006

First things first, I was hacked again. And damn, this was the second time this week too. It's really a pain considering I'm job hunting lately leaving me no time to work on Beyond Eternal anymore. Speaking of which, I went to Sutherland Globals Services this morning to apply for TSR (Technical Support Representative) on which in the slightest of my comprehension leads to the idea of being a call center agent. I started at 10 in the morning and guess what, I just got myself done past 6 in the evening. The waiting time is frankly longer than that of the interviewing and exam time. I passed the grammar exams, but I seriously think I have to work on my communication skills. What can I do? I'm a natural born introvert. Anyway, there was this guy/gay (Honestly, I don't know which one is he but I really wanted him to be a gay though.) who is some sort of a speech trainer for the to be call center agents. He decides whether you pass or fail in the interview. When he started his introduction, (before he interviewed us) he lend me his jacket and even blackmailed me to take it or else he would fail me, because he thought I was cold to the point of freezing myself to death. Honestly, I wasn't. I was even more nervous than cold. I could actually hear my heart beating loud than feeling my body got numb of being cold. Seriously, I didn't thought that place to be that cold so I left my blaizer at home. But just the thought of him lending it to me is so sweet. =3 I even smelled the jacket. Taking the scent of the cigarette smoke aside, it smells nice. He was pretty worried I would get too cold in that office but I insisted to be the last one to take the interview. I wanna savor the scent of his jacket. *lol* But seriously, I want to be last because I'm too nervous to even stand up. XP

PS: While on my interview, he mentioned that we live in the same subdivision. When I find out where he exactly lives, I might stalk him. And you are free to call me the first woman to ever stalk a gay. XP


  1. Why would you want the guy to be gay? Lolz.

  2. Because gays/bisexual/guys with the essence of a gay are sexier in my eyes than "real" guys do. Or so I think I'm weird. O_o

  3. i agree! minsan mas masculine pa nga yung dating nila kesa sa ibang straight (or sasa straight) guys.. ahahah!!

  4. oh no... i hate going for interviews... they always reply, "we will call you".. good luck with your job hunting~

  5. oh, that's nice! I work in West Contact Services, that's just a couple floors above Sutherland! Hope you'll make it!

  6. i prefer real mean than gays but i prefer gays than those femine/so soft guyz -_-

  7. tnx

    thanks for dropping by my page...hahahaha sounds like harassment...newei u mistook me for who?

  8. Just passing by...I actually saw your icon and loved it. I checked your profile page and found out your birthday is three days ahead of mine and we were born on the same year. Sorry for rambling...

  9. haiii.. yaan mo, ttawag dn cla.. (ahahah!)


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