What happened to Beyond Eternal?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What happened to Beyond Eternal? A lot had been asking me that lately. I am currently experiencing mass security issues with BE. In short, I have been hacked from left to right lately. Talk about pain the neck. So both me and my host concluded to put the site down for the meantime until we could find the cause of it. I mean, where they enter my site. There should be an openning of some sort somewhere where they managed to enter right? so until that's figured out, it will stay in a down state. You can't think of a solution if you don't know the cause right? So all I have to do then is wait for my host to finish screening every part of my site. Yes, every part.


One factor for security issue that was reported to me was the Tagger LE I am using as a Tagboard. so if you are using Tagger (file-based tagboard), no matter what version it is, be alarmed that you might also get hacked one way or another.

Another is that you have to upgrade your PHP Fanbase to its latest security update. This one's been up since May, I just thought I might share.


  1. curse hackers XD so how's your site na? I haven't visited lately eh

  2. it's down. :(

    my very nice host is checking my codes for security issues. :)

  3. yey! it's done. thanks for the code, sweety... =3

  4. I think some of them tried flooding my talkbox, and tried spamming on one of my entries. Apparently, nagiging sikat na tayo, lol.

    I think your hackers are using Wordpress exploits. Just giving you a heads up. ^^

  5. Nah, I'm always using the latest release from WP.

  6. Hey, sorry about BE.com. Boo. I hope everything gets fixed soon. *hugs*

    Anyways, PHP Fanbase? You might want to use Bellabuffs instead. =) It's a fantastic script, never had any problems with it. *winks*

  7. awww that sucks.. and scary :( it's good to know though that i have been using my-sql powered tagboard and wordpress (yes, wordpress!) for my fanlistings...

    by the way, how did you know you were hacked? what happened? - ems

  8. hmmm i think yun wordpress exploits is only possible if you're offering user registration... pero kung hindi naman at ikaw lang ang may sole access/control sa wordpress mo, hindi possible yun exploits sa wordpress. ive been using it for years without any problems. minsan pa nga hindi ako nakakapag update to latest release, so i dont think its the culprit.

    mas leaning ako towards sa flat-file based php scripts. sobrang insecure ang file-based scripts. lagi daw may security issue, especially kung naka CHMOD yun files mo sa 777

  9. The first time I got hacked, there was an image that comes out that says something like "Hacked by [whatever]".

    The second time was my site's actually down. But my subdomains are running smoothly.

    The third was everything down. >.<

  10. Yeah. I was using file-based one. So I guess, its too be expected huh?

  11. well.. sort of.. heheheh.. it's either the scripts you were using were insecure or the server itself was insecure...

  12. if you want i can host your domain beyond-eternal.net in the meantime, or you can refer to http://nuovoinizio.net/index.php/1-free-domain-hosting/


  13. opps i mean beyond-eternal.com

  14. Janet here from X-Tenshi~ Was just checking over rotation code and saw your site was down so was a little worried and googled your name and site name and found your other site which led to LJ ^^;

    TaggerLE definitely does have a security hole. I was close to getting hacked and I know a friend who got their site totally defaced. Luckily they warned me about the tagboard and I managed to grab the new files which was released 2 days after I nearly got hacked lol. Seems fine so far.

    Hope to see your site back up soon :) And sorry to hear it happened :( it's a pain for not only yourself but for your hostees and visitors~

  15. Hi Janet. I was just about to go to your site. Like, now. >.<

  16. It's beyondeternal.com ^_^;;

    Thanks for the concern and for referring your domain hosting, ate Ems, but your domain hosting is only limited to blog sites and BE contains a lot of other sites within it. In short, it's not just a mere blog site. Another thing is, it's limited only to a Gig of bandwidth which is also not enough for BE. >.<

    (from autumn-storm.net) also offered me hosting and I also refused. I really appreciate them, though.

  17. Tammy

    Oooohhh. Now I know. :)

    Tagger LE actually released a security update as well, it's been causing a lot of sites a lot of problems. Yours seem to be the only one to take a while to get back up, though. But it's okay. :)


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