Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It was raining. I peeked up to the dark sky though the window blinds. I closed my eyes, and finally raised it up and relaxed myself. With empty thoughts, staring to nothingness, I was suddenly stunned. I saw a girl on the window. The girl that the dripping raindrops from my window made. I stared at her. Suddenly, I started to feel pity for her. So helpless, so weak, so broken. I stared through her eyes that seemed so empty. Those eyes that asked me, where is the real me?


  1. Makati na kasi! XD. Web designers and developer jobs are plenty there. Plus, puwede mo na kami makitang mga online friends mo. XD.


    Anyway, sometimes there are moments like that in ones life. Kaya we do our best to find ourselves :).

  2. waaaaaaaa! i'm so loving your layout. can you do mine? LJ codings are a pain for me. >_

  3. I've always been like that feeling like shit.


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