Beyond Eternal Is Down

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yes, you're reading that right. Beyond Eternal has been down since early this morning. The server on which my site is currently at, is having problems right now. I do not know when it will be up and they also can't give me a definite timeline for its up-time, as of current.

The server is co-owned by a bunch of close friends and being one of their close friends, and poor, I get the perks of free hosting in exchange for helping out in occasional advertising of their company on which I rarely (almost not at all, in fact) do. So I can't really complain. Well, I'm not really the "Pro Blogger" type and I only have a personal website that no one actually visits, and a small collection site, so I have not much to complain either way.

But, I don't know. Sometimes, I kinda getting a bit neurotic about it. The fact that there's a possibility that I might not be able to retrieve my stuff in their server drives me restless.

Please make it so that I'm wrong.


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