To the Bat Cave!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alright. While my web service provider is currently hibernating its service, I moved my collections temporarily to my "bat cave." More precisely,

And yes, it's a free web hosting service that I subscribed to just because I love the domain name.

I'm a Batman fan, ever since childhood. But I'm not the obsessive Batman fan type like other people who almost memorized every thing about Batman and quotes him almost every time they can. I just own a few comic books, sometimes claim to be Batman's wife in an alternate universe, and when I was an elementary school kid, I used to have a Batman bag and lunch box set, stationary set (I still buy Batman pencils until now), also slippers, shoes, hanckerchiefs like normal kids do. I even have a Batman grooming kit (the hair brush, comb, yada yada), a Batman toiletries set (toothbrush, soap case, yada yada), a Batman tableware set (plate, bowl, yada yada). I also have a Batman poster at my room, a Batman costume (that I never wore because it's "for boys"). And I've managed to keep all of these alive until we moved houses several times that it got lost somewhere. I'm only that kind of a fan. Not obsessive, just right.

So, please visit my collections because I've added tons of new things, especially blinkies. I kind of splurged. It's like shopping when you're stressed, but in smaller monetary value.


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