Common Sense

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Common sense is not so common.
- Voltaire

Too bad, though.

How I hate people who doesn't use their common sense. It's like, they have to ask you every single thing. Then, while their asking, they'll realize the answer themselves. Geez. If the answer is a cobra, they've already died.

But the thing I hated most is them asking the already obvious answers. Irritation level +500.

And then, while you are giving them the answer, they seem to not get it and ask again the same question again in different phrases that seemed so endless. Irritation level +1000.

And while you're at it, already irritated enough and explaining, they don't even listen to it. Irritation level +1500.

And sometimes, they even demand the straight-to-the-point answer that, when you look at the situation, you've already given it ages ago! Irritation level +2000.


  1. That's what our religion teacher told us every time during 7th grade...and basically one of the few things I've actually remembered from him. I didn't know he was quoting Voltaire - so I do now. xD

  2. And, yeah, when you add up all those figures - you'll end up with 'total katangahan.' Sorry for the harsh term. xD

  3. It can really be irritating when people don't use their common sense. I'm quite short tempered, so what I usually do is I become sarcastic. Hehe

  4. first how'd you hack the friendster blog layout? or im just mistaken...

    anyway, common sense is really not so common. the irony...


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