Yet Another Rant

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I know, text messages are a mass. Even then, people should not be typing things such as "dis s a smpl msg" and much more, in a stcky caps like "yEt aNtHr sMpL MsG" because it freaking annoying! Aside from the fact that it's not the proper way of doing it, it's also hard to read. You may use them for text messages but for heaven's sake, not on notebooks, documentations and term papers!


So why did I ended up with ranting like this? It's because of this term paper my brother needs to pass. Someone (his classmate) provided him with a summary of a few chapters of Noli Me Tangere that they needed to make a term paper on. It should be written in Filipino. I was bribed to help him typed those 3 full pages of back to back yellow papered summary taht that classmate provided. Aside from the fact that this certain being is a little trying too hard to attain deep Filipino feeling using deep Filipino vocabularies, it's loaded with mispelled Filipino words and gramatical errors. And to make it worse, she/he uses texting-type manner of writing in sticky caps! It creeps me out, honestly.

On first account, the prefixes "mag", "nag" and the like only uses "-" when the next letter is a vowel. Other than that, the words should not be separated by "-". (mag-awitan; magkamayan) Secondly, "nang" and "ng" are used differently. "Nang" is used to describe something and is often used in this manner: Verb + nang + Adverb/Adjective. "Ng" on the other hand is a possesive modifier and is used mostly as such manner: Noun + ng + Noun. But thay are not limited to only these. This is basic Filipino. Didn't they learn this in elementary? They are even highschool students already and can't even construct a simple Filipino sentence properly?


    I suck at Filipino often, but tell you what, I prefer to speak using it more than English. Just because I suck at English EVEN more. Ahaha.

  2. Wow, that IS annoying. Go Euri! You can do it! (I can't, though.) XD

  3. If you found out why invented sticky caps, tell me. We'll kill him/her together. >:P

  4. OMG. finally! someone spoke up for me against sTicKy eFfinG cAps. so daaaamn annoying. everytime i see it, i'm like, "WTF?!" goddamnit, how pathetic. how lame. everyone who types and writes and texts like that should be covered with BOILS all over, NOW.

  5. ahaha!! nadadaan ka naman pala sa bribe ng brother mo eh.. ahaha! =p
    ayAw kO dIn uNg mGa tXt mSg Or cAps nA gAnUn aT gAniTo (it took me 2 minutes to type this..)... mas mahirap pa xang gawin eh..


  6. Right. And I don't even know why they waste time and effort to useless junks such as that. XP

  7. Why? Someone might harass you are something?

  8. Marami akong friends na GuMaGaMiT NiTo... Nasasabi ko nga na ang landi tingnan yung mga gumagamit nun e. XD

  9. I was about to agree with the sticky cap thing, until I remembered that I TOTALLY SUCK IN FILIPINO. Can't tell the difference between "mag" and "nag", for starters.

    Where was I in my elementary days? Napping. And speaking in english. Blame my mother. T_T

  10. I my case, I use to nap in History classes and suck at Mathematics. XP

  11. Eventhough a lot of people do that (which is also something I do not like), I do not use that to write my messages. I was thinking that other people might have a hard time understanding what I want to say if I do that. I have a hard time reading text messages which are written in that way and more so if it is in sticky caps. And that bad habit usually shows up on more formal papers which sometimes other people do not even notice.

    Thanks for the info about the uses of mag, nag, ng and nang. I usually don't bother knowing the correct ways of using them and I would admit that I am not very good with Filipino grammar. I prefer to make my comments in english since I am much better at it (I think...).

  12. one of the reasons why even when I am texting I don't use words text words. My grammar is already worst. :P

  13. admittedly,the "standard" Filipino language is not that good. Hindi magagaling ang Filipino linguist in general..pero punta ka sa places south of Manila like Batangas at Bataan, maganda sila managalog..

  14. ate musta!

    ate tanong lang.. anong nanyari na aky shadowbearer..
    kamusta ka na poh..

  15. Haha, right, right! :) I certainly agree. Good thing I've never met anyone who writes his/her term paper using leet language.

  16. Re: ate musta!

    ShadowBearer? From Tabulas? Hindi korin alam eh. Sorry. Who's this by the way?

  17. Boo, I wonder why they think 'tHiz w@y oF tYp!nG iZ s0 cOoL?' x__x It isn't and they're just giving me massive headaches. x__x Not to mention, it's harder to type.

    About the text thing, I think it can't be helped seeing how the youth were all addicted to texting. -__-

  18. Really, for "formal" documents, Tagalog is annoying... but it's nice for literary use.. 0_o


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