HS Names?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lately, I've been seing Labs often. I wonder why. When I went to school some time last week, I saw her. I know their school is just a few steps from ours but their school's population is huge. Then, when we went to SM last weekend, I saw her at DIY and she yelled, "LABS!" Everyone has the, "What?!" expression written all over their faces. They probably thought we were a couple? O_o Actually, even I was surprized she still calls me "Labs". It's been approximately 6 years now when we started calling each other that. It was when we found out that Diel (our friend) had this secret boyfriend and they call each other "Labs". Then, we started teasing them and call each other the same thing whenever we see them together and it kinda just stuck.

I suddenly remembered what people used to call me back in HS.

First, it's Haruka. Since elementary, I had been called by this name. When I saw Joy (another HS classmate) sometime ago, she still calls me Haruka. It was taken from Tenou Haruka (Sailoruranus). I was an addictied fan. I even bought collectible cards, film cards, posters, ring, and all else I could find with her face on it. I even dreamt about her. And I honestly admit that I still wished she was a man. >..<) Biblically speaking, I do not think that the name is suitable for me. Maybe Cain is more preferable. She even used me to make her boyfriend jealous by asking me to write her letters every other day. Then, she would brag it in front of him and say it was from a guy named "Abel" and the dimwit seriously believed her though. O_o Aside from forging my paren't signatures, maybe I'm also great at impersonating a guy? O_o


  1. You people in the Philippines seem to have to much fun. =(

  2. lol... interesting yong mga reasons kung bakit ibat iba naging alias mo noon unlike sakin pang-asar lang kung tawagin sa ibang pangalan. hehe

  3. waaah Sailor Uranus :D ah basta pinakagusto ko pa rin si Seiya *_* :P

  4. that was quite a lot and the story behind them is interesting. I also like Haruka from Sailormoon though I am over it now since it has been so long. And I also have to admit that I wished she was really a guy. And Ken is cute...


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