I Won't Lie to You

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If you break up to pieces, I would only watch you pick yourself up. I wont help you. Even if it means I'm also shattering myself with it. I won't give you lies that I would help you. Nor give you comforting words to stop your tears. No matter what I say, your heart wont stop feeling the pain, anyway. Besides, I already have enough problems with myself. I don't need another shit from you. I sounded rude for a friend? I AM rude, for heaven's sake! People learn a lot and get stronger as soon as they picked themselves up. I wanted to be the one to see that smiling face telling me, "I finally recovered!" than be the sole one to see that gloomy life-less body of yours on the ground, drowned in tears, begging to be mended. After all, no heart can be mended unless they themselves put effort into stitching those wounds, right? You better start stitching because I won't lie to you. Even if it means you would die. I still won't lie. Because the only way I could show you how to be a friend is to be true.


  1. Thanks. That's how I feel. I feel broken too, but I have to be strong. If not, I would be stattering to pieces again. If I did, I might not be able to pick myself up again.

  2. I agree to that since in the end, the only person who can help us is ourselves. It is comforting to know that there are people to support you but we need to be strong ourselves since no one will do it for us.

  3. ~_~

    Should I tell you that? =)

    P.S. Yor layout = coolness! Gackt is hawt. =p~

  4. The only who can help is yourself but friends are there to support you. ^^
    I love you're new layout!

  5. "People learn a lot and get stronger as soon as they picked themselves up."
    -- aus! i love what u sed.. tnx!
    -- nice layout nga pla..


  6. Ha! Thought you would say something like that. I didn't expect it to be a little wholesome this time though. ;P

  7. Can you be my friend? XD you know what euri? I love you *hugs* Stay strong for yourself and for others who need you XD

  8. ugh.. yeah! we're alread friends ^^' hehehehe yeah gomen ne -_-;

    gyyaaaa just stay strong! XD

  9. this is Tam

    Wow. That's... deep. Hm. I'll keep my mouth shut ^_^;;
    Anyway, lone time no see! Whats wrong with B-E btw?

  10. Re: this is Tam

    It's down. T_T Some bastard hacked it.


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