Spare Me

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Ah, please, spare me. You don't have to sweet talk me as well. Well, you can't anyway, what's the use? Aside from the fact that I am already taken (even though he seems not to care), I am not interested in any man on which I could honestly say, I'm more manly. As so goes that fact that I'm not interested in your "type" of a guy. So how do I see you? Well, prepare yourself for this.

If you belong to any of this, don't bother.

1. You stink. I careless if you took a bath 5 times, roll your deo on 10 times, the fact that you still stink, it only means, it's ineffective. Please stay away from me within a hundred meter radius.
2. You perspire a lot. I hate sticky people. What more is when my skin got to touch you. -_-|| (I just rememebred a passenger from the jeepney I road yesterday. Gross!)
3. You are too hairy (body-wise). I freaked out at the sign of body hairs (exaggerated). Maybe because it was injected to my system that hairy people smells and perspires the most?
4. You are bald. Or maybe, you just had your hair cut? Either way, I don't like guys without hair (head-wise). Also, I don't like attracting attention because your head is shiny and all.
5. Our skin tone differences are way too opposite. I don't like catching attention that way. I prefer if you are paler than I am. It makes me want to bite you. =3
6. We don't have any interest in common. Because the only interest you have is flirting girls and I'm not into flirting, much more, to girls?
7. I don't like how you dress. I really don't care about you being emo, goth, punk or anything in particular to dressing, but please have a little bit of decency not to try so hard.
8. You have no class. My gosh! Don't eat things you pick from the ground (5 minutes? Yuck!) and don't lick your fingers. Are you a dog or something?
9. You smoke. I'm not fond of people who look, smell and much more, taste like an ashtray. I despise the scent sticking to me too! I would rather stick to the smell of my perfume than smell like grilled fish.
10. You prefer men. Please don't use me as some sort of replacement for your boyfriend if he broke up with you or you had a argument. I don't even have anything worth that long to inject into your anus too. Maybe if you would provide me a pole or anything would be nice?

PS: I am so not starved of men para patulan ka.


  1. lol.what kind of guy is that?? hairyy but bald?? *think think* lol

    : ) )

  2. Hey, I'm half-hearted serious for about 10 seconds there. ;P

  3. Actually, it's not just one guy. XP I just wrote that in general. To amuse myself. Ahaha!

  4. Hey girl what happened to Beyond Eternal?
    Anyway, go girl for the bitchy rant!!

  5. Omg.

    *checks self on list*

    Good, good. Not there.


  6. LOL Flamey.

    I didn't realize you and Euri knew each other pala. :D


  8. o anong nangyari? bading sya? waaaaah ang sakit sa ulo niyan.. hahaha pero admitedly katawa eto! hahahhaah...

    ey euri invite na din kita sa forum na

    kita kits tayo dun ha :)

    -ems @

  9. kumento..

    hahaha.. galing talaga ni ate euri.. talagang dapat may category sa pamimili ng tao.. kung sabagay pag mahal mo ang isang tao, ano pa man xa.. tanggap mo xa ano pa man.. waahh..

    ate tanong ko ulet? nasan na pala si shadowbearer remember her?

  10. Re: kumento..

    Eh? Ikaw pala yung nagtanong nun. :P Yeah,I remember her. Hindi ko ung naano na siya.Bigla nalang siyang nawala eh.

  11. Hey.^_^
    thanks for the invite. I'll think about it.

  12. Good thing I am disqualified, number 3 in particular ;). I don't want to be "victimized" by your "chest flirtation" hehe... err... I think I was already victi... aaargh!

    - Prize


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