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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

_yuuzora left me hanging with a brain cracking question earlier. It left me thinking for hours! O_o Now I don't even know if I could manage to sleep not knowing the answer.

Translate this in English: Pang ilang presidente si GMA?

I tried asking people in my YIM list. The funniest thing there is when I get almost the same replies.

error_in_syntax replied:

GMA is the Philippines' nth President. What is n?

Tony replied:

GMA is Nth president?

And My reply was:

GMA is the nth president. n=?


Now your reply is?


  1. I answered:


    ...then my brain promptly imploded.

  2. i also received that message, naunahan mo lang ako magpost hahaha

  3. She asked me the same question... And I couldn't answer it! XD

  4. insert into presidents(name,president_no) value ('GMA','&number');

  5. Ahaha! San naman kaya galing tong question na to?

  6. -_-||

    I hated SQL. I failed at that course and took it again resulting to just a 3.00 remark at the end. And then, when I was still working, I am doing that shit. >_<

  7. My teacher: That's stupid. First of all, Americans don't speak that way, d'oh!

  8. I see. I'm sorry. But just so you know... That hurt me so much... Anyway... Tell me your answer. I'd love to hear it...

  9. To your teacher:

    To start off with, I was never a good student. And I don't really give a damn, even if you are a teacher, a dean or even a school director for that fact.

    You are even more stupid. Americans aren't the only ones who speak English. And besides, The English Language did not originate in America (duh "English"?). Granting that the Americans don't speak that way, there would still be an appropriate translation for it even though it is not a direct translation of it. And lastly, teachers should not say "stupid" to things they can't answer. Because that just proved that they aren't capable.

  10. I said I'm sorry for informing you about that. o_o

  11. Oh, ok. ;)

    Wah... I accidentally deleted it. XP The post I deleted was...

    Which one?

  12. SOmeone asked me that question before. Pareho kami ng sagot ni Dong. Haha. xD

  13. i've heard this question before. i know the answer. but i had already forgotten it. sucks.

  14. I will concur with Tony's translation. - Prize

  15. I encountered that "question" two years ago pero si Macoy yung ginamit, hindi si GMA


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