To Be or Not to Be

Saturday, June 24, 2006

See? I am right, you choose to listen to things you just want to hear. When someone starts to criticize you or someone has a new point of view that they wanted to let you see, even though it's right. You shut them out. You only listedn to people who could go and flow with your thoughts.

And some people have the nerve to tell me this. What do they know of me? Nothing. I shut them out did I? No, I don't shut them out. I only bring them back to their own statements to make them realize that they are doing the things they are raging and flaming me about. And dare they beg to differ when they crave to hard to belong?

It's to be or not to be. It's either you take the left cheek or the right cheek. The black or the white. Now, on which side are you? Stop pretending. You are not in living in a fairytale nor a dream. Sometimes, we got to wake up, one in a while.


  1. I posted a mere quotation sa yim status bar ko. Then, he went flaming me. O_o The hell?!

  2. Oh, kala ko ng nanay mo nanaman

    Siya rin ba yung sa domain mo?

  3. hey there euri-san.. thought i'd return the comment you gave me on my journal.. may i know how you got to stumble upon mine here on LJ? ^^;

  4. lol. how did you come across my site? it's practically nonexistent.

    am i asking too many questions? X3


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