To a Certain Christian

Monday, June 26, 2006

This is getting on my nerves and I don't want to leave it alone as well.

To you! You know who you are! Shut up and read. What do you care if I do not believe in God? For so you know, I do not even believe there exists one! You can flame me all you want, rage me. I'll take it. But never mock me for it. Those flame e-mails are always the priority in my mailbox. I always read them first because they honestly make my day. I read them when I'm stressed out, I read them when I am not in a good mood. Because they always leave me with a smile.

Don't you dare educate me about God and tell me I am close-minded. What do you know about your God? You don't even know your bible. You dont read it. You don't even pray. You pray only when you need him. What do you think of you God? An operator - that will answer your ever call? Your nanny - that would reach everything to you? Your house helper - that you call and ask for anything whenever you need something? You guidance councilor - that you would go into whenever you need someone? If I would be you God, I would not feel sad but rather, I would pity you. At least, even though I am an atheist, I read the bible, every other day. I just don't pray.

Isn't it more painful that you have to hear this from an Atheist? And, a proud one at that.

You hypocrite! First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will be able to see clearly to take the speck out of your brothers eye. (Mat 7:5)

Oh, hell is such as sweet place and I even belong to the 5th level. Come with me? ;)


  1. Everyone's free to believe or not believe in things. And I think that should be respected. Ano kayang misyon niya sa buhay? Hehe ^_^

  2. I believe in God, but I would never dare mock anyone who believes otherwise. Some people will never know the meaning of respect.

  3. A lot of people forget that beliefs are relative. :(

  4. I totally agree with you. I hate when people try to force their faith on you, or are like OMGZ YOU CAN'T GO INTO A CHURCH YOU'LL BURNNNNNNNN!

    some people are just so ignorant.
    I love being pagan.

  5. ahhh my msn and yahoo lists were deleted :P tagal na nating di naguusap :) anyway reading the Bible? aba that's the start :) ilagay mo lang sa puso mo yung mga words :) those words changed my life even when I was not yet a Christian. Proverbs ika nga ^^

  6. Same here. I despise people who believe in the my-religion-is-better-than-your-religion faith. Pero Atheist ka nga pala. Wala kang religion. Pero it's illogical to think that a religionless person is unrighteous. Kaya 'wag mo na pansinin kung sino man 'yun. His God will judge him.

    Pero I'm surprised that you read the Bible. Siguro you read it for the philosophical content.

  7. hey, Euri! remember me? :P Hakkiri from FCF...Emily.. :P Anyways, I found your blog through Chette's blog.

    I agree with you on how this "Christian" shouldn't have mocked you for your beliefs and stuff...'cos wouldn't be love. (We always forget's sad..)

    Question though--why do you read the Bible? Do you try to......memorize it?

  8. I do not read the bible because I want to memorize it. I can\'t. I don\'t have that great a brain capacity to memorize the bible. I\'m not an inteligent being, you know. I read the bible because I don\'t want to argue about something, I barely know. And besides, personally, I don\'t think of the bible as a compilation of the words and thoughts of god. I do not have a god. Simply put, I think of the bible as just another literary scripture.

    You are free to think anything you wish of me. I could care less anymore.

  9. Woo Euri! Tell it like it is! Christians shouldnt be mocking people anyway. They're supposed to be nice, right? I'll be proud with you! ^-^

  10. People are rational beings and have the capacity to be good even WITHOUT religion ... so wag mo na lang patulan ang mga banal na pasaway. It's better by far to be faithLESS than brainLESS

    Enjoy ur Day
    Angel Rai

  11. The Bible is an interesting read moreso if you are acquainted with recent advances in Biblical Scholarship particularly Higher Criticism.

  12. yeah right ... what about the Qur'an and the Bhagavad-Gita. Far as I'm concerned these "holy" books contain more noble passages than those written in the Bible ...

  13. I am quite certain that other books have contents which are far noble than the bible. But the culture of ANE is simpy fascinating. The works of Robert Price, Earl Doherty, Dr. M. Magee, JD Crossan, Marcus Borg, Elaine Pagels, Richard Carrier, Raymond Brown, Bishop Spong and others who practice honest scholarship can be very thought provoking,

  14. I agree. Btw, i find your site quite stimulating. More power, bud


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