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Saturday, September 03, 2005

This morning, I was watching "Men of Light", a Christian TV program where 3 priest preach things and relates them to the practical life. What caught my attention was, "Why do people blame God or the church for something they themselves caused." And so I ask this, why should God take all the credit for something we ourselves took effort into? Whenever something good happens to a Christian, the immediate reaction would be, "Thank God." When something bad happened, God won't take the responsibility to it. If you, as a person, won't take responsibility for your actions, my best advice is to blame it on Satan. You know, even though Satan's name would ring the very definition of "evil" to humanity, in my view, he's the kindest person. What the..?! Okay, imagine you are Satan. Since the beginning of time, whenever that was, you're shouldering everything that God refuses to take responsibility in. Can you imagine how long has it been and how many people sin for everyday?! Damn! Even you would get tired of it. But no, he doesn't. And even to this moment, he stayed behind God, as he had always been, shouldering Him. He's the wind beneath God's wings. If he doesn't exist, God is nothing. Just like in a typical movie, would you appreciate a movie without an antagonist? Of course not. It would be the most boring and insane movie ever if there would be one. You see, Satan is not really all that bad. If he is, God would be like... the worst. Hey, I'm not telling you to be a Satanist rather than a Christian. I'm just saying, take responsibility for your actions and take all necessary credits to. Don't credit God. It's worthless crediting something that doesn't even exist. It like throwing away money. If you don't get my point. You're an idiot.

And so people, should you fail something, blame yourself for your own faults. How dare you blame God for your faults! How very inconsiderate of you blaming something who doesn't even exists. Considering the fact that it was your irresponsibility that lead you to that situation.


  1. Excellent point. Typical Christian mentality - take the blame, give God the credit.

    And yes, those who blame God for all the bad things that happen to them are nothing but "angry theists" (parang ikaw he he he).

    Thank God for this enlightening article.

  2. When shit happens:


    1.God works in mysterious ways. You can't blame God for the disaster.

    2. Its not God's fault. Its Man's sins. Man deserves to be punished.

    When something good happens:

    God is good! All the time! Praise the Lord!



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