Feng Yu Jiu Tian Summaries

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feng Yu Jiu Tian

I've been trying to re-download the PDF of the Feng Yu Jiu Tian Summaries from xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com. But for some reason, the links aren't working due to some shit from tumblr. I was so frustrated about it and in the end, decided to just look for my old copies that I downloaded about more than a year ago.

After several hours of looking around my hard drive, luckily, I found my old copy of them so I thought I'd share the link of my copy just in case any one is looking for them.

Note: Please do not repost the links elsewhere!

I only have these summaries of volumes 5-13:
For volumes 1-4, you can just read them online from sookybabi (LJ) and of course, xfengyujiutian.tumblr.com.

For Volume 14 Chapter 8.2 onwards, Yuanshu Cave translates them. :D

You're welcome. :)


  1. Hi Beyond Eternal!

    This is to inform you that someone picked up FENG YU JIU TIAN and started translating from Ch. 6. 3 Vol. 16 onward. She will post it on Wattpad.
    Her username on wattpad is TeaPet. You can find her in Search Stories&People.

    Best regards,


  2. It's good that I saw this. I've been looking for fyjt translations. Thank you! Do you have the summaries from volume 14-27?

    1. Hi, volume 14-27 are still on going. Please go to this link for them: https://yuanshucave.blogspot.com/


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