The Best of My Daily Bentewee Looks

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Here are the best of my daily Bentewee looks:

The classy daily look. I don't think I probably be seen wearing something so classy in daylight, but why not?

Although, I do not go to school anymore, I still love the uniform outfits. Reason being: because our uniforms back in the day, aren't as gorgeous as they are today.

The Slytherin ensemble because, well, I'm a Potterhead and I LOVE my house.

This is my typical daily look. Because on a normal day, I'm the type to wear something such as this -- paid top, leggings and sandals. Except, probably for the braids in the hair, because I can't braid.

The daily look of something I would want to wear, but doesn't really suit me. Tbh, it's kinda depressing that Chucks doesn't really go with me no matter how much I love them.

And the daily look of someone from a country with really hot weather. Though I don't think I would wear something like a crop top and a really high-waisted pants. Especially, short shorts.


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