Flooded Room

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So I went out of town last week, if you noticed, I wasn't around for almost a week. I went back to our house in the province to have a vacation. I like it there because everything is rural—no busy streets, no pollution, the country side are the best! I went offline since I got there. And, as you might've aleady known, I'm an occasional shut-in. And this is one of those times where I disappear from the universe just to lock myself up in my room and play PS games for an entire week.

Anyway, when I got back last night, I found my room flooded with water. Due to the bad weather and that there's something wrong with the drainage in the house where I'm renting a room at, the water went up about ankle high. It's not that high, but the water stayed for a few days and that I wasn't at home to salvage my things. I usually lock my room because the kids from the house where I'm renting room at are always playing with my stuff, and they usually mess up the stuff in my room.

I was bummed about it because 75% of my stuff are stored under my bed and they're all wet. Most of them are shoes. The saddest part of it is that my favorite boots got soaked and damaged by the water. And since it's a cheap synthetic leather, it was damaged beyond repair.

On a brighter side, my books and comics were all safe because I packed them all inside plastic bags when I was cleaning, and got lazy to unpack and arrange them, so I left them all in plastic bags.

Moral of the story, being lazy has it perks sometimes. LOL! XD


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