Fairy Godmother

Thursday, August 28, 2014

We all have times when we are down and needed to let it out. We all have times when we wanted to be alone too. Honestly, I'm not really good at making people feel better. I'm always lost for words when I read friends blog entries when they blog about their depressions, their fears, and how hard they live their lives. This is because I know exactly how it feels and I know that whatever I may say, it wont really help much because when you're at that state, "people just don't understand" what you're going through. When people are wounded and in pain, they just don't hear anything else.

However, because I know exactly how it feels, at least, I wanted to be there for them and let them know that someone out there also feels the same way and/or knows how they feel and that they're not alone. Even though they reject them now, little by little, soon enough, they can open up to them. When their hearts finally stop raging, and crying, they'll be able to listen calmly and feel that there are people who actually cares for them with no strings attached. Even though it's just a small gesture, I hope it makes people feel a bit better.

I wish I was a fairy godmother so that I can make all these simple, honest, wishes come true. But I'm only human, and a friend and all I can do is listen when they're ready to speak.


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