Pottermore (Take 2)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I re-registered for Pottermore again last night. If you remember, the first time I did was last year when Pottermore opened up to public. I was sorted in Slytherin then.

Since my personality is Slytherclaw, I shift from being sorted to Ravenclaw and Sytherin often. When I registered again, I was sorted to Ravenclaw, this time around. Then I thought that I wanted to stick to being in Slytherin. But then again, I wanted to know which house I really do belong to so I thought that I should take the exam again and stick to the house the hat sorted me into for good, this time.

And I got sorted into Slytherin again.

I've deleted my old Pottermore account and I'm now known as NightWing9017 (or here, if you're on Pottermore)!

My wand is the same as before: Alder with Unicorn Core, Eleven Inches, Slightly Springy.

And my pet is also the same as before, a Screech Owl. I just love how it looks!

I'm thinking of blogging about my Pottermore experience so that I don't get lazy and bored with it like I did the first time I played it. I played a bit of it, read all of the animated scenes in the book and I really enjoyed it so much like living in the world myself. I got into Hogwarts and learned how to cast spells and such, but I guess my mistake was that I never really participated to the community more than learning how to get around and reading the book scenes. I'm planning on doing so, this time.

Wish me luck! ;)


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