100 Million Years From Now

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

100 million years from now, Frodo might be the new Jesus Christ. The Lord of the Rings, the new bible. And Tolkien, the new God. Have you ever thought that this might happen? One can never tell. The Bible might actually just be just a popular novel in it's time, rather than something thought to be the "word of God."

I also would like to think that Lestat, rather than Frodo, might be the new Jesus Christ. The same way that the Vampire Chronicles, the new Bible and Anne Rice, the new God. It just feels sexier that way. The emotional part of The Vampire Chronicles feels so real that you might think that vampires do actually exist. Each book was well written enough to portray the very dept of each character – kindness, loneliness, pain, corruptness and savagery. You always stop and think that somehow, they are human-like, yet at the same time, not at all.

But then again, I think that The Lord of the Rings would fit the Bible-like image more than The Vampire Chronicles – probably due to the good-vs-evil sort of thing, more than anything else.


  1. This post makes me remember how I watched the three movies consecutively only when the whole world's already seen it. And it never really occurred to me how actually extravagant it was.


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