Nosi Balasi

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by Euri 0 comment
While riding the taxi, I heard a song from the radio. How long has it been since I last heard this song? It's a song from when I was a kid. I remembered people sing it loudly within the house... -- Nosi Balasi by Sampaguita Wag mong pansinin ang naninira sa 'yo Basta't alam mo lang, tama ang ginagawa mo Wag mong isipin, wag mong dibdibin Kung papatulan mo'y lalo ka lang aasarin. Chorus: Nosi, nosi ba lasi Sino, sino ba sila Nosi, nosi ba lasi Sino, sino ba sila? ltuloy mo lang, gawin ang gusto mo Walang mangyayari kung sila'y papansinin mo Talagang ganyan, wag mo lang patulan Wala lang magawa kaya sila'y nagkakaganyan. (Repeat Chorus)

Eternal Death Wake VI Update

Wednesday, October 22, 2008 by Euri 0 comment
These are the updates for Eternal Death Wake VI , shamelessly copy and pasted from Mommee Kurisu's blog . =P -- ++ EDW6 BULLETIN ++ We regret to inform you that due to artistic and coordination issues, DJ Kael would be unable to attend this year's EDW6. We wish our brother Kael all the best and to have also a great Halloween party in Thailand! Brother Kael insures he will visit again the Philippines soon! Heil Necrokael! Best to! The band Switch has also confirmed their none attendance to EDW6 due to their other gig commitment-scheduling flaws. We salute Switch and wish them good luck to their upcoming shows! ROUGHAUSEN ARE TOTALLY CONFIRMED. AND PROMISES TO KNOCK YOU TO KINGDOM COME AND BACK. ++IN OTHER POSITIVE NEWS++ The deadly AK-47 duo DJ Masiv-Sonik Torture has been summoned from the bowels of hell itself and is confirmed to play at EDW6 in replace for brother Kael. The ghastly duo will be in charge of stomping the night with electro sounds that woul

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