Nana - Chapter 70

Friday, November 30, 2007

For the Nana fans out there, Nana - Chapter 70 is out! It was scanlated by Celestial-Delinquent and not Takiyakis, though. Celestial-Delinquent also released Chapter 69 some time ago, back in June (I think?), too.

AND Takoyakis made their Nana - Chapter 68 release too. You can get it via their yahoo group.

Since Chapter 69 and 70 were released by another group ahead since they've been on hiatus for far too long, I think there would be quite a competition for them unless one of them would drop the project. I think most people, based from experience from being an editor myself, prefer faster releases than quality ones. There are, however people, such as myself, who prefer quality over everything else. Maybe because I am also an editor. And a crappy one at that too.


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