Dear Boss

Monday, July 09, 2007

Dear Boss,

Look, no matter how fucking fast a coder I am, it is impossible to code 13 fucking pages in 2 fucking days. And to top it off, the UI was given to me at 11 am. That is to say that I only have 1 1/2 working days to finish the damn thing. And you even have the nerve to say that if I can't finish it, then I should OT. WTF?! Didn't you know that my OT earnings just makes my tax payables bigger? The longer the OT, the bigger the tax. And didn't you also know that the more taxes you pay, the more the politicians' pockets get fat? Didn't you even realize that I was even working during my lunch break just to get that crazy project done? That aside, my deadline was Friday. And even until last freaking Friday, you still have those stupid, nonsensical revisions. Then, this morning, there are still revisions? What the hell?! What the heck are these revisions are even for? You ask me to remove them, then after a day or two, you'll ask me to put it back again? And to top it off, you call it, "my new idea." Jesus H. Christ! Sometimes I wonder if you do have a memory gap or something or you just don't have brains.

Gawd, I hate you, damn it.


  1. owhhhhh.... i hope u can face it... i'm so sorry about that. Cheer ;]

  2. Get me a hair strand.
    I have a voodoo doll. And a very long needle.

  3. This, this is why sometimes I'm glad I don't have a job. >>

  4. aawww... I could curse him if he's my boss. haha... Total exhaustion. Though I had experienced almost the same situation when I was an intern pero di ko rin sinunod ung deadline haha.. sama ko. Feeling ko kasi sobrang torture iyon. Lalo na pag hard programming talaga.

    Hwag namn sana ganyan magiging boss ko. hihi. Grabeh 13 pages? WOW.. Anong program iyan?

    I hope you've done it well!!!


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