Monday, May 21, 2007

I think, there's something wrong with me.

For some reason, I now find hard core yaoi, disgusting. Shonen-ai, however, is fine. And reading yaoi and shonen-ai mangas doesn't give me the regular "ba-dump", "thump-thump" and "doki doki" anymore. I really find these odd and disturbing. I couldn't even sleep properly thinking of it.

I really think, that there is definitely SOMETHING wrong with me.


  1. some ppl get tried of yaoi - that's it. There's nothing wrong with you *hugs*
    There for awhile I just couldn't stand yaoi so I didn't read it - I went back and enjoyed a few titles here and there.
    At least with shonen-ai you get a better story outta it XD

  2. Haha. You should go read more stories with plot, I guess. I admit I want my couples to undergo a LOT of hardships before they get to the sex, because well, it's more rewarding that way.

    I'm taking a break from anime and manga right now--I'm renewing my passion for American comics and shows. xD So yeah, we all go into different phases sometimes. *hugs*

  3. It's been a while since I read a hard-core yaoi manga. Although my current fandom's related to slash.

    I don't know. Maybe you should read/watch anime/manga with a plot. Some hard-core yaoi has a plot anyway. :)

    I'm out from the anime/manga fandom right now. I'm in JE Fandom = Music + Faggotry Slash Goodness. :D

  4. Ahahahaha. XD

    Usually, you'd be wondering what's wrong with you when you DO find those things interesting.


    It's all good. You're probably just going out of the yaoi phase and about to get into something else. (Like het?)

    Much love and consolidations to you! :P

  5. It's actually pretty disturbing since I was so into it usually. XP

  6. What they said.
    We all go through phases, this must be one of them. Because if it's not...I wouldn't know what to think. Just don't tell me you're converting to Christianity. That would scare the hell out of me. ;D

  7. I think I've gone through all transitions of porn and love and somewhere along the way, I grew tired of it too. Don't worry, it might be an end of a phase, or just a beginning of something else ^_^;

  8. That I doubt. I still have my usual gay attraction syndrome on which, I am more attracted to gays and/or bi people than normal men.

  9. As I've said. Religion is the last of my priorities.

  10. Something is definitely wrong with you miss Euri.
    *here I go again* hahaha
    well, I still couldn't access beyondeternal on my org's PC, same with my laptop... good thing I came back to LJ, HaHa, I could now wander 'round here ~ne!?

    Kyaa~!!! Somethings is really REALLY R-E-A-L-L-Y wrong. Tsk tsk... but you don't need me telling you that, right?! :D

  11. it is normal, you just probably lost the interest in that genre...it happens. stay away from it for now. it also happened to me but then I missed it so I went back though now, I am lying low in reading yaoi as well.


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