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Monday, March 26, 2007

Today, I spent my entire day tweaking this LJ layout to fit something that I would want. Of course, I only used my tiny bit of CSS knowledge to change this and that. So far, it's about bearable to see. It's still half done, btw. I had only edited the content area. So the sidebar and the comments area are still a mess.

Oh, and that guy from the layout is from a j-rock band called Alice Nine. He's so cute. Really.


  1. wow im loving the layout! you did a really good job on it =)

  2. haha. you know how to create LJ layouts? xD

  3. Yeah. But only for basic accounts, s1 and Generator as a base, though. This is my first time making an s2 one using a Bloggish theme as a base.

  4. I can make you a layout. But only S1 Generator if you want. Just give me an image you want me to use as a layout.

  5. No really, it's fine...^^ I was just wondering.. ^^

  6. Hey Euri! I stumbled across your journal when I was blogging and I found yours. My hat tips to you, from one gackt/jrock fangirl to another, because yon layout just rocks. I love the colors!

  7. Okee. :) Just in case you change you mind, you can PM me and I'll make you one. But it would take some time since I'm a little busy.

  8. *lol*

    Actually, HTML and CSS are kind of a part of my work so I kinda know how to code them. It's really easy when you want to learn it.


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