Sunday, March 25, 2007

I felt sudden pain piercing me deep inside. I felt like crying. But for some reason, my tears wont come out. Did you ever know that it's more painful when you couldn't cry at times you wanted to? It's even more painful than when you try so hard to hold your tears back to prevent it from falling. Holding your tears back is just like holding on to something that you should be letting go. But this, it feels like you wanted to let go of it but it keeps on coming back. It's as if it is haunting you continuously.


  1. be.com

    hello euri!

    i sent you an email.. i also sms you but not sure though if you changed numbers na

    ems - nuovoinizio.net -

  2. Re: be.com

    Don't worry, I'm post paid. Even if I lost my phone (again, curse that person who snatched it) last week, you can still contact me using my old number. ^.^

  3. I was able to cry with just an eye before when my feelings were split into two. So, I think it is possible.

    But if only one of your eyes cry and you don't even feel like crying, you better have your eyes checked. There should be something wrong with it and you're going to need an eyeglass soon too. ^.^


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