Cruel Reality

Friday, October 13, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
What?! You are his girlfriend yet you have no idea of whatsoever happened to him? Not even any news of him? -_-|| The last thing I wanna hear next is the phrase, "What kind of a girlfriend are you?" Cruel reality, isn't it?

Hide and Seek

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
Why do people have to hide from me yet show themselves to other people. Honestly, this is insulting. Are we playigng hide and seek here? If you intend to hide from me, don't show yourself to people who might tell me they saw you! I don't know what it is in your mind that you constantly try you best not to be in contact with me. I am a pretty good stalker, if I may say so myself. I could know your every move if I just wanted to know. Since I respect your privacy, I let you do pretty much whatever you want with your life. No omplaints here. It's your life after all. You also know more than anyone else that ignoring people is my only known talent. If you wanted to be ignored, just say so. I wont even bother show my ugly face in your beautiful presence. It's not that I'm being a little persistent that I'm always going after you. It's just that I'm always insulted when you do that.

Ang Pizza

Tuesday, October 03, 2006 by Euri 0 comment
On a meeting sa isang bahay sa QC... Man: Iho, ibili mo nga kami ng pizza diyan sa kanto. Heto ang pera. House Boy: Opo. Man: Okay, tuloy tayo sa meeting. Another man: So yung stocks... Meeting continues on. Man: *suddenly remembers* Anong oras na? Woman: It's pass 2pm. Man: Ano kamo? 3 oras na? Nasan na yung inutusan kong bumili ng pizza? Sa kanto lang eh, ang tagal. Another Man: Tawagan mo na kaya? Man: Sandali. And the man starts to call. SFX: Krriiinnggg!!! House Boy: Hello? Man: Hello? Asan na yung pinapabili ko? House Boy: Wala po akong makitang nagtitinda ng pizza. Man: Asan ka na ba? House Boy: Nasa may Cubao po. Man: Ano? Nakarating ka ng Cubao, hindi ka pa rin nakakabili?! House Boy: Opo. Man: Umuwi ka na lang. Wag ka nang bumili. House Boy: San po ako sasakay? Man: Pareho din ng sinakyan mo kanina. House Boy: Hindi ko na po alam yung sinakyan ko kanina. Man: Ano?! House Boy: Naliligaw na po ako. Hindi ko na po alam kung nasan ako. -_-||

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