Midnight Society

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've opened a new club at Kawaii Heavens Network Forums today! It's called Midnight Society!

Midnight Society is a club for people who hangs out by the forums more at night all the way until dawn. We could talk about things that happen at night or just whatever random things we could.

If you're a member of KH Forums, you might wanna join out group! I'll be fun! :D

Last update: March 02, 2008

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0001. Euri
0002. Haruhi
0003. Chikage_FD
0004. Miryuri
0005. Koizumi Itsuki
0006. KCT
0007. mickl3
0008. Leonhearts
0009. Darkest Impulse
0010. cbhl
0011. Archer
0012. Anim4nia
0013. AK
0014. O4E
0015. Nanaya
0016. Otakubenny
0017. Nerfine
0018. Kimitsutoko
0019. Vcurl
0020. Shinkirou
0021. MK

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