The Compliment

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Someone from work whom I dare not mention the name, told me that I code fast. Maybe I just think too much, but even though it might be a compliment, the way he said it sounded more like an insult. So I took it an insult. Honestly, insulting me wont do him any good. Since I was a child, I've been insulted for countless times. Not to mention the never ending comparison with other people's child. So I just ignored it, not saying a thing. Then, I got even lots more unwanted comments following it. Yet, I continue to ignore because reacting is pointless. I'm not sure if he's trying to get into my nerves or whatever, but it doesn't really work. How about trying another tactic? It's a good thing I'm not conceited enough to think that he wants my attention, for some reason. When he finally asked something, I replied straightly and got a "ang sunget" comment right after. Should I react more net time?


  1. What work? You code fast? Anyway, it might be an insult, it might be not. We, most of the time, receive unwanted comments. Leave 'em be.

  2. Hey, it's me Riette from . Had to register a new account. =)I'll be using this more often now.

    Well, it depends on how he sounded when he said it. Maybe he's envious? Anyway, it's unmanly to pick on you, if he is. Hm, maybe you should react but be straightforward? LOL. What you think is best.

  3. I never really liked comparing but sometimes I do that to myself so I put myself in a lot of pain.

    A friend always says that as much as possible, it is better to avoid people whom you don't like. She said it is better to spend time on people who deserves it and if he asks you something again, just be civil but don't let anything personal.

  4. You were provoked so I think what you did was fine. Maybe your co-worker is pissed off because he couldn't match your speed and it would look like he's slacking off to your supervisor.

  5. Maybe you're just tensed that's why you're thinking that way?

  6. Actually, he was the head of the project. Or so I've heard.

  7. Well, so they say. But in my opinion, I slack most of the time. >.<


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