Da Vinci Code

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I read somewhere but can't remember where...

"Da Vinci Code is a hoax! Discovery Channel said it!"

Pfft! People honestly thought Da Vinci Code is real? I'll die from laughing. The author himself said that it's a fiction. Therefore, it's a fiction. Period. For how many freaking times does it need to be said for people's brains to comprehend such a simple sentence? Oh, I forgot. People are stubborn. They only hear what they wanted to hear and believe what they wanted to believe. And when someone doesn't have the same point of view as they see it fit, their initial reaction is rejection. And that makes humans, "humans".


  1. I think there's a separate Da Vinci code from the novel.

  2. Malulit eh. Ano pa nga bang magagawa natin? Haha

  3. Nadiyah

    Yeah the movie looks fake and it is really fake after all! Haha my prediction was correct!! Oh and by the way, I've got a really important message on my blog. Read it when you have the time, okay? ((:

  4. Yeah, I don't know why people are taking it so seriously, because it's obviously fake. But whatever...

  5. LoL now that's a good one ^^;; I took it as fiction but must admit very realistic which is what makes it so good :D

  6. Some people have very weak principles. That's why they get disturbed by some things pretty easily.

  7. That's what they called the documentary of Da Vinci Code. I've seen it, it's pointless to watch. >.< The only things that are there are the anomalies of the "old church" on which, are never news to us all. :P

  8. We can never be sure if it's true or not. Cannot easily dismiss things. Things are translated and re-translated. There are a lot in history that are unanswered. =)

  9. I have watched that Da Vinci declassified (i dunno if this the same as what you are saying) in discovery channel and all about the Da vinci thingy thing... and it really made me laugh. No really, I did laugh. XD

    WHY? Well, people are just so narrowed-minded. that book is just a book with words on paper and bounded, right? Life is really like dat.

  10. Let me help you to remember :)

    It was I who wrote that :P

    Well for you and for the others its a fiction but there are people who still believe its for real and that's why I put those words You don't have to be serious, if for you its a fiction then good! you don't have to spread it out.. the message is for the people who still believe it isn't and Discovery Channel proved it! There was even one person in discovery channel? who said that Da vinci is a fiction but the informations and facts are real! and then through research they found out it was a Hoax

    Now if you are not one of these people then you should stop reacting because the message isn't for you :)

    GBU! *salutes*

  11. Da Vinci Code facinates me a lot. I know it's fiction but there are facts present in the story which makes it real in some point however not the whole content.

  12. Yes, he did based that fiction from facts. But he did not specify w/c ones are facts and which ones are not, no? Also, those "facts" are already too obvious to know which is which.

  13. I was planning on buying that Discovery Channel copy too. But thought twice. :P

  14. As the priest in the TV interview once said before, "everything rest in people's faiths." If their faith is strong, those kinds of pointless "hoax" will not bring their faith down. But no, that just proves that people's faith are shallow that can easily be shaken by mere documentaries on which, they aren't even sure, if it's true.

    Ikaw ba yun? I'm not even sure because I just had a glance at it. Anyway, I am born with every rights of speech and I have the all the rights to say whatever I wanted to say and react whenever I wanted to react. You posted it and I happen to read it, and I reacted to what I read. Plain and simple. If you do not want me to react to whatever you were putting up, then don't put it up. Plainly fair enough? Also, whenever I do the same and you reacted, did I even once told you to stop reacting? No. Because I clearly know that every people have their rights of speech.

    Now, If you didn't like what my reaction stated, it's your problem not mine.

  15. Yes. Although some fail to see that point.

  16. I don't think there's need to call it a hoax(regardless if there's quotation marks or not); it's neither proven nor diproven. Claiming it as a hoax does not make it different from hardcorely claiming it as something that is "real". The bible itself is ambiguous. Many people(not only Catholics) take it literally and therein lies the problem. It remains a mystery. It's like Oddessey and Iliad of the modern times. Those two were supposedly just epics of Homer but a German archeologist was able to find the lost city of Troy. Atlantis could be real, too. So is the lost empire of Lemuria in the Pacific region. Who knows?

    Dan Brown's novel I believe is akin to Amy Tan's Saving Fish from Drowning. Amy Tan based her fiction from a true story. She never knew Bibi Chen personally; in her preface she was talking about something beyond the human eye. I can't translate it to words...She's not claiming that her work is 100% accurate but the details are based on the events and for most part she got some information through "spiritual contact".

  17. Adler

    I saw DVC as a challenge to minds, a thought provoker. If a believer of christianity really has the strongest foundation of faith, he/she should never worry about him/herself. But sometimes, it is also good to challenge ourselves and try to ponder over those questions that are often or at some point, left soaked to the realms of mystery. Because for sure, the true religion never contradicts from human intellect and all branches of sciences.


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