Not for Sale. Sample Only.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A while back, I went to a mall. I went straight to a perfume store. They sell various kinds there. I prefer my usual perfume so I went to see if they have it there. I saw one perfume I used before. It's not the one I was looking for but still, I tried asking how much it cost. The middle-aged lady (not sure if she's the store owner) said something like, "Do you want to try it? Here." As she handed me a little bottle of the same perfume. At it side, there something written that says, "Not for Sale. Sample Only." I returned the bottle to her and said plainly, "No need. I know how it smells." Then she replied, "Then would you like this one?" "How much would they cost?", I answered. She replied with, "This small one, is for Php 200.00; the midlle size is for Php 1,500.00; the largest bottle is Php 2,500. Which one do you like?" Honestly, I was quite a bit shocked. She even included the smallest bottle in the pricing and to top it off, for Php 200.00?! Can't she even read that it's for "Sample Only" and it's "Not for Sale"? She got that for free and she's really selling it for that amount? It's okay, if she uses it as a sample but to sell it? Really, I don't know if people these days just really needed money, just wanna fool people, or just plain stupid. Anyway, I left that store and thought not to buy from that store again. I might buy an imitation for the price of the original. It's just plain scary. >.<


  1. Hehe maybe they have little bottles talaga? Rawr! ^_^

  2. No. It's not possible. I even saw the "Not for Sale. Sample Only." written in the sample box. >.<

  3. Haha maybe she has plans to keep the money for herself! LOL!

  4. *laughs* Am just surpised you can even stand going to a perfume store! I hate the smell of strong perfume plus other mixed in.

    This one woman try to sell me this god awful musk smelling perfume once. I almost died by just the sheer smell! I was lucky and crawled away. So if am by or near a perfume store, I usually run or walk really really fast by.

  5. Yeah, I think so too. Pero in a way, I pity her.

  6. The store doesn't realy smell strong. Maybe because she doesn't let people spray the perfumes all around. They cost a lot, after all. >.< And besides, I'm used to strong smell. Geez, my friends always have strong smells on them. Nely even treat a perfume as if it's a shower or something. O.o I like her Bulgari perfume's bottle though. >.<

  7. *Euri wonders who this one is. She thinks carefully because the inistials aren't familiar with her.*

  8. maybe sinasabi nia lang na may tinda silang ganung kaliit na bottle which costs 200php.. X3 haha, or not. baka ginogoyo ka lang. :P

  9. Well maybe they really have a "non-sample" version of the "not-for-sale" version? It is not unusual for perfume stores to display the latter for trial purposes and sells the former, which, for all we know, could have been in the stockroom. Though it is strange for them not to put them on display. There is this Bench stall in SM Pampanga that I sometimes go into, pretending to be checking and browsing its products. In reality though, it is actually just an excuse for me to... ahem "try" their "sample cologne" in any case I forgot to put one on my way there (useful when dating and womanizing hehe). Unlike the store you narrated, they are, however, located on the upper side of the perfume rack just above the saleable version.


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