4th Interview

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Went to Auction.ph yesterday at 2:00 pm as it was scheduled for my interview. I don't know if it went well. They say they'll call me back for the feedback. This is the 4th interview from them. The one who interviewed me was really beautiful! She really looked like the Korean actress Kim Jeong Eun from Lovers in Paris. I don't actually watch Korean drama series, I just saw it from commercials. And I am not mistaking her just because Koreans all look alike? For a fact, I had Korean classmates and friends from highschool so I know the diffrence. Anyway, I am pretty sure that she's one of the OICs or even the actual owner at that point. They said, this was the final interview. I'm pretty scared. My interview didn't went well yesterday. My nervousness kept me from opening my mouth again. Damn it. It is at these circumstances that I curse my inability to communicate with people properly. But in most cases, I'm thankful of it for it keeps me from annoying people. My communication skills are the worst, if I may say so myself. And I'm not a bit proud of it this time!


  1. we have the same problem. i suck at communication as well and I really hate it. Although it keeps away annoying people as you said, most of the time it's a hindrance.

  2. I experienced something like that. I was in an interview and nauutal utal talaga ako.. Nahihiya nga ako sa sarili ko cuz I have this 'yabang' or confidence that my english is okay... not like those peoople/classmates I know . yan tuloy yun yung nangyari sa kin :[

  3. Sometimes I wish we'd just write our answers to interview questions. When I open my mouth I always don't know what the hell I am saying, or even if it's in any relation to the questions.

    Sorry if the interview didn't go well. Hope the interviewer thinks otherwise.

  4. Kim Jeong-eun is the female protagonist in Lovers in Paris, right? She looks like Pokwang, the local comedian. ~_~

  5. Panget kaya si Pokwang. O.o

    Look at her in her serious/elegant face not the comedy face. She doesn't look a bit like Pokwang. O.o

  6. For us introverts which are utterly lacking in communicational/social skills interviews can be very daunting. It is really spiteful when people have to judge our capabilities by a few of sessions of minutes of chitchat. Though they are hardly to be blamed for there are no other viable alternatives to accomplish the aforementioned.

    I recently just messed up my interview in one of the more prominent fortune 300 company in the capital due to a similar sticking point. Though my failure to acquire the job is already apparent, yours just began. There is still hope in your case. Just wait. Gambatte ne. ^_^ - Prize


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