Da Vinci Code Banning

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Why create such a fuss over the banning of Da Vinci Code in movie houses! Hell! Anong ginagawa ng mga Bootleged DVDs diyan sa tabi-tabi! Kung ayaw ipalabas ng MTRCB ag Da Vinci, edi wag! May pirata naman diyan eh. Un-cut pa!

For Christ sake! You are petitioning for the banning of Da Vinci Code the Movie for the sole reason of the Philippines being a Catholic country and that, The Vinci Code is a "heretic" book that is against Catholicism?? Sana man lang iinisip ninyo that if you people would ban Da Vinci Code, more people will patronize bootlegged ones. Makes sense? And besides, it will only show how narrow minded you people are. Think about it.


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