Monday, April 24, 2006

Akala ko iba ka sa kanina. Naniwala ako sa iyo ng buong buo. Umasa. Nagpakagaga. Pinagtatanggol pa naman kita sa ibang mga tao tapos, yun pala, iisa lang ang ending. Betrayal. It seemed that the word hasn't failed to be a common one in my life. I should have known. I should have belived my instincts. I shouldn't have...


I can't afford to give you another chance. I usually do. I usually just close my eyes and let it slip by. But not this time. Not anymore. I'm tired. So tired. This is the end. The end of this friendship. The end of this world filled with lies. Wag kang mag-alala, kakayanin ko to. Sanay akong trinatraidor ng mga kaibigan ko. I'm used to being stabbed behind my back. I'm used to all this treachery. I'm used to soaking myself with tears.

I forgive you, honestly I do. The one thing I can't forgive is myself, for constanly believeing you.


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