Xanga Layout Blues

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All I want is a neatly coded Xanga layout which is both simple and elegant looking. Why does it take me real long to find one that suites my taste?! I know, it's my fault that I'm too lazy to make a Xanga layout! My point is, I don't use my Xanga much (Actually, I don't use it at all! I only have it to comment to a friend's Xangas.), why should I even spent too much time to make a layout of it!


This is frustrating.


  1. Euri, it's Saturn. This is my new livejournal username.

    I miss you. Yeah.

  2. Hiya Saturn! Will add you right away! ^_^

  3. I did. They are either, messed up with the codes or the entire layout is messed up in my browser. :(

  4. Yesh yesh, I have Xangies!!! *Triumphant dance* ... o_o ... Eep ... I hads it since last year October but I deleted it! ^_^ Because someone [do you remember Cielo who called you pathetic? :P] kept flaming it ... so I made a new one :P!! http://xanga.com/theaznrebel I dunno but the words overlap for me :P Kinda-ish ... eehh ... T_T Well bye byes!

  5. Oh, that one. :) Let her be with what she likes. :)

  6. Why dont you just make one Euri!? I mean, it's not that hard!!! i can make you one if you like!! Gimme a yell if you do!!


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