Twilight Drifter [v4] Elegance

Monday, June 20, 2005

New layout! Twilight Drifter [v4] Elegance. Image from Boyis. Yeah, I didn't do much to it. I don't want to I'll just ruin the beauty of it when I try to do a manip of it..

A few possible reasons why I've been too much of a pervert lately might be that (1) I'm sick. I got a flu. I'm in terrible heat! Lol! (2) I haven't been watching any porns lately. I have no time. (3) Tenjho Tenge pushed me to think that way. (Go blame it on the anime!)

Speaking of which, I've seen the entire anime! And my rating goes 7/10. Minus 1 point for undetailed sexual content, another point for the only thing I could see are panties! Damn it! And the another point for not completing the story til the end.


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