Disturbing Thoughts

Sunday, June 19, 2005

This is feeling is a bit weird. I don't know what's into me lately. These past few days, whenever I see 2 guys together, I think of them in a sensual disturbing manner. First, I saw two man chatting by the school grounds. What came into my mind was, "they were discussing something private". And I laughed at myself for the stupid idea. Then after, I saw another 2 man hiting each other, where the other is sitting above the other, spanking him. "They'll start licking each other later." was the immediate thought that came to my mind. Then after a while, a lot more stupidity came into me as the day passed.

And later on, I realized that it starting to be really disturbing as to all I could think of is sex, yaoi, and yuri. T.T


  1. That's what YAOI can do to you...to us. O_O
    ZOMG. Now, I'm going to start thinking that way too! Is that good or bad? XP

  2. Aww.

    I admit I'm a SMUT QUEEN, but I don't go THAT far. Maybe sometimes, but not like that. I mostly point out intimacy as a joke of sorts.

    First things first...try NOT focusing ALL your attention on two boys. Observe other things: The mother carrying her baby while holding her other child to school, the random jeepney driver screaming his head off at other rival jeepneys, the huffing businessman committing a crime through jaywalking...there are lots of wonderful, intriguing and interesting things other than guys getting laid. :D

  3. T.T

    Hmm... Do I need to have myself counceled?

  4. That ain't weird. ^^.

    Hehehe. Its normal to think of sex and the stuff that comes with it (whether boy to boy or girl to girl o__o). Some people just don't talk about it much. ^^;


  5. Interesting entry. And I hope you don't mind me barging in. ^_^

    I think that's normal sometimes. Well, sometomes.


  6. Oh.... so now I think I just got a hint on how you found my joural.

  7. *LMAO* That's okay, I guess... o_O Nothing bad... XD

  8. baka kase meron nga clang pinaguusapang private XD

  9. I guess it's normal to think about it once in a while. But in my case it's everytime. Lol!

  10. Could be a new phase in your life, or something ... *shrugs*

    People with no sex life are not human.

  11. The Thesis. Think about the thesis... We are about to fail.... do something about it.

    Arrgh! Ok let's just think about hentai then.


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