Gackt x Hyde ~ I Died...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The moment I came to see THIS, I died! Damnit! *drools* See for yourself! Besides this, I also got a yummy Yaoi pic of GacktxHyde. Too bad, it was just photo-manipulated. It's worth looking at though. (See this entry for the pic.)


  1. You should watch their movie, Moonchild, then. If you haven't. XD

  2. I want too so bad. *cries* Too bad, I can't download it. Damn dialups! I was planning to download it at school (Shh...) and just copy it through my usb memory drive. :D I'll have to wait til may though. School starts on May. *_*

  3. T_T

    My classmate [who is obsessed with Hyde] saw it already. And it makes me feel bad. :|

    Your icon is great! I love it! ^___________^


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