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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I had a conversation with someone at YIM. He's supposed to be my bro's friend's brother on which I care less to know.

Translations in (parenthesis)


Person: hi!
Euri: Hello. ^^
Person: Astig website mo ah. (you're website is good)
Euri: Which one?
Person: Beyond Eternal.
Euri: Thanks.
Person: goth kba? (Are you a goth?)
Euri: huh?
Person: sb ng bro ko, goth k daw. (My brother said, you're a goth)
Euri: ...
Euri: what is your definition of goth then?
Person: ung mga taong mahilig sa black. (People who likes black)
Euri: I'll add you tomy list of misguided people.
Person: nbsa ko pla ung profile mo (I read your profile)
Euri: ...
Person: palagay ko hnd. kc mahilig k sa mudvayne. (I guess you're not. Because you like Mudvayne)
Person: r u a girl?
Euri: yeah.
Person: ah.. (Oh..)
Peron: hnd kc natural sa babae ang mahilig sa rock. (It is not natural for girls to like rock musics.)
Euri: what do you want me to listen to? Classic songs?!
Person: hnd nmn (not really)
Person: para kacng ka2iba. hnd bagay sa babae ang nakikinig ng rock. [it seem different. listening to rock musics aren't suitable for girls]
Euri: Since when did rock music been limited to only guys? I think you should walk around the town more.
Person: bkt nmn (why)
Euri: ...
Person: turuan mo nmn akng gumawa ng site. (teach me how to make a website)
Euri: Sorry, too busy.
Euri: I have to go. I have class.
Person: cge (sure)
Person: bye

-- I logged out --

Okay. I don't know if this guy's a weirdo, a freak or I think just either needs a good 'ol whack from me, an IMMEDIATE brain repair or a MAJOR re-education. Rock musics aren't only for guys and not all people who wears black are goth! *stressing* What kind of youth are we leaving these days?! Sheesh! Good thing, this guy's the 3rd person I know who thinks like this. The other 2 are girls. Gosh! I demand a seminar about this stuff too! People needs to be well educated.


  1. I listen to rock music too but I'm not a goth. ^_^

  2. WHAT A TOTAL LOSER! Imagine stereotyping like that! He lives under a rock I swear.... >__

  3. He sounds arabic. Ooops, stereotyping again.... ;)

  4. Oh my god, what a close-minded git. So he thinks that goth people only wear black? There are GOTHS who wear pink, for chrissakes!

    Ugh. Pure ignorance annoy me.

  5. Does this guy has any biase with goths? I listen to Grunge music and a guy friend of mine think that I'm cool. Crap, such chauvisnm

  6. That's messed up. Has he not heard any of the girl rock bands? They are a bunch.

  7. Person: r u a girl?
    Peron: hnd kc natural sa babae ang mahilig sa rock. [It is not natural for girls to like rock music.]
    Person: turuan mo nmn akng gumawa ng site. [teach me how to make a website]

    You know, people used to make goblets outta the skulls of guys like these ... they've been prehollowed, to boot (look, no gray matter!).

    He needs to quit playing Counterstrike on de_dust and get a bleedin life.

  8. And I thought I was already living in the countries. :P

  9. if all people who wears blanck are goths, we are all goths! Lols!

  10. As I had heard, he's some "hip-hop" loving and dressing type of guy. It would be natural if he thinks that way. I start to have a theory that hip-hop musics diminishes people's brains. XP

  11. I'll ask his brother to lend him CDs. :P

  12. I'll intoduce him to Gunbound. He is way too out dated.

  13. At the rate he's going, he'll never understand why his shots keep landing on his own head. XD

  14. Haha! XD

    People are just - stupid. LOL.

    People used to think I'm punk and now they think I'm gothic. XD Weird. I'm neither. Haha! And it's all because, I listen to punk rock and rock - and heavy metal.

    And oh...he's a fucked up chauvanist. :|

    I have a new layout nga pala! And you'll be able to view my entries na pala sa Friends page mo. XP

  15. Haha! XD I agree.
    Reminds me of Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants. XD...

  16. *big hug*

    Been missing you!

    I need more friends so they'll comment when I make entries. *rubs chin*

  17. Friend come unannounced and love you no matter what. Even if they do not comment or far away, their still there sharing your pains. :)


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