Saturday, March 12, 2005


Damn it! Why are you so damn stupid not to open your e-mail for one whole damn week?! You got a mail from JITSE and you just lost one damn good opportunity! It's not that I'm expecting anything like you passing the exam, I just want you to be in the damn seminar! I care less of the certaficates you might earn as well. I just want you to LEARN more than what your useless school could offer. (Okay, so your school have nothing to offer, my mistake to mention.) And because of your tremendously stupid self, you just missed the best way to take advantage. Today is the seminar and you're suppose to be one of the reviewing students! P9,000 is just small, I could even manage to get the money for you and all you need to do is follow up the damn application I had submitted and you still failed? You are old enough! Be responsible! What do you plan on doing after gradutating? You failed Elective 01, what is that subject anyway? It's just Oracle yet you failed. I let it slide and just encouraged you to study more. Now, you did it again! Your remarks is just as bad. I was hoping you could maintain 2.25 as your lowest grade yet you got 2.75 in Calculus and last tri, you just got 3 flat from IRM. What's gotten in to you? Excert a little more effort! If you fail any of your subjects this time, you will never achieve anything.

So much disappinted,

Read your exact e-mail from JITSE yourself!


Subject: Endorsement to Prospective Sponsors of AMA Applicants for JITSE Review
From: Global Pinoy

Your name has been included among those endorsed to prospective sponsors for possible subsidy of at least 50% of the review fee of P9,000 which includes the cost of textbooks / review materials.

The prospective sponsors are several Japanese companies inside Clark Special Economic Zone and the Rotary Clubs in Angeles City, Mabalacat, Magalang and San Fernando.

If you are able to take the JITSE review program to be conducted by Global Pinoy Consultants (GPC) on March 11 – May 21, 2005 at the STI-Angeles, SPC Bldg., Miranda Ext., San Nicolas, you will tremendously increase your chances of passing the Japanese IT Standards Examination (JITSE) and consequently acquiring an internationally-recognized certification of competency on the fundamentals of information technology.

By being JITSE-certified, you practically have an edge in getting employed in multinational companies here and abroad, especially in Japan where the JITSE certification can facilitate the issuance of a working visa.

If you prefer an easy installment plan, 50% may be paid upon enrollment which hopefully could be subsidized by a sponsor and the balance payable in three equal installments on or before each of the three periodic mock exams during the review period.

As special incentive, GPC shall shoulder the exam fee of P1,500 for those passing the mock exams during the review. Those failing the mock exams or the actual May 22, 2005 certification exam will be allowed to sit in free-of-charge with the next review class for the October 9, 2005 examination.

We hope you will not miss this chance to prepare yourself for the professional world of the global Pinoy where bigger and better opportunities await you – with or without subsidy from a sponsor which should be known through your college dean by March 9th or 10th at the latest.

Indeed, a worthwhile investment in time, effort and money for a brighter future for you!

Rem Leaño, Project Manager
JITSE Review Program (Pampanga)
Global Pinoy Consultants


  1. Getting a 2.75 or a 3 doesn't mean you're not going to get anywhere. Failing certainly doesn't measure a person's future.

    Yah...it was a good opportunity but chances doesn't come once. There will be a lot more. We open and find our own chances. Nasa atin na 'yon kung pano tayo maghahanap. No one else plans how our lives will flow so nasa atin nakasalalay ang lahat.

    Never blame yourself and never regret.
    Never add anything in your life that you can't be able to look back at and say "Good".
    Don't look back at this and say it's a dire memory...instead turn it into something - err...that will benifit you, somehow...I don't kow how - but you can always find something. XD

    Just an advice, sis. =^^=

  2. Hehe. ::hugs back::

    chances don't come once*


  3. don't be too hard on yourself
    maybe that thing isn't for you.
    if that thing is for you... you'll get another chance.


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