Monday, February 28, 2005

Sorry LJ for this post... :P

I was planning, yet haven't fully decided on moving to GreatestJournal. Why? Simply because LJ ang GJ are practically the same (yes, even codes!) with GJ giving everything within LJ for free and this includes Image hosting (gallery of your own). I have my own account already though I haven't officially posted anything yet. And of course, I could have my name, Euri all for myself. :D

To my friends,
Please add me if you find yourselves there too. ^_^


  1. So you're going to leave us alone? *whimpers*

  2. V_V

    Ganyan ka...

    Haha! Kidding. XD

    OMFG! It's almost identical to LJ....O.O

    They copied LJ! LOL...XD

    The only differences are...
    -LJ don't advertise /**At least I've never seen any advertisements.*/;
    -LJ has better layout;
    -LJ came first /**I think*/; and
    -LJ is more renowned.
    //-LJ has a cuter favicon.

    It's really weird...even the FAQ page is a replica.

    Is GJ an effort to reproduce a whole new journal community [identical to LJ] out of LJ's sudden commercialization? O.O
    Are the webmasters and/or web mistresses of GJ dissidents of LJ?

    :|...I'm crazy.

    And, of course, that was an effort to make you stay. XD :P

  3. Their system is not that dependable... if you got to use on system that sometimes most of your entry would be deleted... then go ahead... leave LJ.


  4. Yeah... Screw the ads. But I'll see if I'll use mine.

    Well, it's LJ's fault that they made their code open source. Not a bad thing, though.

    Add me: inggo... ^_^

  5. Kayo naman tampo agad... I'm still on the process of deciding... :P I wouldn't leave LJ of course, because I love you people! ^^ I thought I could move my entries there since it's a "pirated" version of LJ. ^^ But then, I couldn't. XP So I'll stay. I'll have an account there too though. Not that I woul post much. :D

  6. Sure Inggo! You haven't posred either. :P

  7. Yes, they don't have Opiummmm's Foxies there... :'(

  8. Haha! You might consider that... At least LJ is tested. :)

  9. ei adnylasohr here... pakiadd nmn to dati kong lj ^^


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